Everything you need to manage consents in outsourcing

Free yourself from risk and responsibility, protect your company (and yourself) by preventing critical issues and acting promptly on complaints, claims and inspections.

Active121, with PrivacyOS, is the only Italia company recognized in Forrester’s report “Now Tech: Privacy Management Software, Q3 2021”

Forrester includes Active121, with PrivacyOS software, in its report “Now Tech: Privacy Management Software, Q3 2021” .

This report presents an overview on 33 Privacy Management Software providers, and Active121 is recognized in the Consent Management Specialists segment.

Here’s how PrivacyOS works

PrivacyOS is a cloud-based platform for consent collection and orchestration, ready to use, with nothing to install, easily integrated with company applications, with all the intelligence already on board and always up-to-date with the European Regulation.

It connects to the company’s touchpoints to collect consents and all Privacy events and related proofs of genuineness that will protect the company (and you!) from disputes, complaints and inspections.

Orchestrate your applications by keeping them up-to-date and aligned in case of rectifications, objections, expiries and erasures (data retention).

A complete solution
that transforms your promises into facts

PrivacyOS links the promises written in the record of processing activities and in the privacy notices with the facts of consent and personal data management.

It starts with modelling with the census of purposes, privacy notices and touchpoints and continues with the consolidation of events in the privacy certificate registry and their orchestration towards corporate applications to all the tools you need for your protection.

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