Practical cases

PrivacyOS is a cloud-based SaaS solution.
It integrates quickly and easily with company applications through a standard interface (API/REST) to capture and send information (JSON) on the privacy events of each data subject (lead, prospect, customer, employee, candidate…).
PrivacyOS can connect to one or more company’s touch points and/or interface with the company’s IT system via a bridge (e.g. database-based), thus remaining outside the company’s security perimeter.

Through the Orchestrator, PrivacyOS communicates to the company applications various events such as the rectification of a consent (e.g. the unsubscription from the newsletter received from a touchpoint), the expiry of the retention period linked to a Consent, the collection of a new Consent or the opposition to a specific data processing. PrivacyOS can check if a certain Data Subject no longer has an active purpose, in which case it can notify the applications of the need to delete his/her personal data.

Why keep the criticality of consent management in-house
when it is better to outsource it to PrivacyOS?