PrivacyOS is the most innovative, complete and reliable Consent Manager ever

Simplifying the complexities involved in properly managing Consents is our mission.

Like many DPOs and ICTs, we move every day between regulatory codes, programming codes and software architectures: we want to try to decode them and tell you, in a simple way, how technological innovation has made easier what yesterday seemed difficult.

Not only consents:
How are you tracking Privacy Events?

With which purposes are you processing the data?

You can’t give your customers half-hearted answers. Transparency, trust and loyalty are non-negotiable values on the path to Privacy by Design. Every day your company carries out processing operations – hundreds, thousands, millions? – that do not require explicit consent, but are automatically “linked” to the purposes of the privacy notice that the data subject has read.
In addition to Consent, the Processing is in fact based on five other Legal Bases including, for instance, (pre)contractual Obligations or the Legitimate Interest of the Data Controller.

Purposes that do not require explicit authorisation. Thus, for example, the Data Controller may process data for soft spam activities on the basis of Legitimate Interest, whereas data processing in relation to CVs or commercial requests may be based on pre-contractual obligations.

Processing is carried out thanks to Permissions which, together with Consents, draw the complex geography of Privacy Events.

Are you only considering basic events?

Look at what you can do more with PrivacyOS

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Much more than a Consent Manager:
the first Privacy Event Manager

Here – at last – is a new solution that relieves you from the burden of documenting all the steps in the privacy history of each individual data subject.

The oracle that proposes a unique, out of the box answer, immediately ready to unravel a strategic and often critical node of Privacy by Design.
PrivacyOS is much more than a Consent Manager, it is a Privacy Event Manager that records and makes available the privacy history of each data subject in a timeline. The Privacy Event Log collects, organises and presents not only Consents, but also Permissions and all other Events related to the data the company is processing.
A line that marks a revolution: with PrivacyOS, Privacy by Design is now much simpler.

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Are you already considering everything you need for your protection?

From disorder to control
Forget Excel spreadsheets, misaligned files and other passive systems and switch to a solution that anticipates your duties

PrivacyOS brings order to the company. The centralised management of PrivacyOS gives the DPO a single place to carry out checks and review reports. The consents of each individual data subject are automatically organised in the correct manner by PrivacyOS, even those coming from the various branches or data processors. Forget the criticality of data retention, PrivacyOS automatically manages the expiration of purposes and the consequent erasure and anonymisation.

Your company has never gambled with its customers. Why start right now?

To delay, however little, is to gamble with your company’s reputation.
If you don’t track Events, Consents and Permissions today, tomorrow you may not be able to prove your compliance with the regulation and adequately defend yourself in the face of a dispute, complaint, inspection or simple request from one of your Data Subjects.
The GDPR provides for retroactivity: the Data Controller is also required to account for the entire history of the Data Subject’s Privacy, how it has been managed, from Consents to all events, justifying the authorisations on which it has based each individual processing. The burden of proof is always on the company.

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