Are you keeping
your promise?

Your data processing commitments are already codified, or are in the process of being defined.
But are you really keeping your promise on GDPR?
Have you moved from paper governance to privacy by design? How big is the gap between documentation and actual data protection management?
What you have written (or not written) on paper has the value of dozens of promises whose responsibility falls on the data controller. Covenants that must be kept with the help of the DPO, marketing, ICT, HR: the path to compliance is a difficult game with different players on the field.

Not just paper governance:
Data Governance is the most critical area

Paper Governance, Cookie Governance and Data Governance: among the three major problem areas of the GDPR, the last one is the most overlooked and insidious.
95% of sanctions are caused precisely by the misuse of data and only secondarily by the incorrect definition of documentation: very often the fined companies have the ‘paper governance’ in perfect order but in the management, all their promises are at stake!

95% of sanctions are triggered
by personal data and consent breaches

Go for action:

To do or not to do, there is no try!

At this point you have 4 alternatives: wait for the moment of truth by putting your head under the pillow, try to develop a custom home-made solution,
use CRM or another application to manage consents and… PrivacyOS!

If doing nothing means resigning and exposing yourself to risk by mortgaging the future with the erroneous information that you collect today, attempting a solution at home means venturing down a long, costly and insidious path that may give you the impression of being protected until the moment of truth when you have to face a dispute, a complaint or an inspection, worse still entrusting the Privacy of your customers to those who exploit personal data for a living.

Why keep this risk at home?

Entrust it to us, the experts in Cyber Data Protection!

6 immediate benefits you get with PrivacyOS

Consent Management in Outsourcing

PrivacyOS allows you to outsource Consent Management Risk thanks to its cloud-based architecture, relieving CFOs, DPOs and CIOs from most of their responsibilities and the risk of historical preservation (with a custom tool you keep the risk in-house, even worse if you outsource Consent Management to someone who doesn’t do it for a living, like CRMs or email and marketing automation applications).

The Cloud used by PrivacyOS is Italian, secure, robust and performing, with all the necessary features to protect company data (we do this job and we do it well!).

Prevention and mitigation tool

PrivacyOS is officially listed among the “Damage Prevention and Mitigation Tools” valid for the measures required of Data Controllers by Art. 32 of the GDPR among accountability activities (you can’t do this with a custom tool or your CRM).

Always up-to-date with legislation

It is always up-to-date with the Italian and European Regulations and the company is always protected in the right way, without the need to periodically have long and expensive meetings between Legal and ICT and the consequent costs of development and revision (97% of custom products are not kept up-to-date, major updates of CRM and ERP can result in the loss of all previously developed customisations, including those for the GDPR).

Authoritative Super Partes Controller

PrivacyOS plays a role of “Authoritative Super Partes Controller” towards the other applications, demonstrating, during inspections, the Accountability of the Data Controller, DPO and CIO (PrivacyOS does not play a double game and has no conflicts of interest, unlike CRM and the other applications that simultaneously have to both exploit personal data for the company’s business rather than protect them).

Developed by legal and ICT professionals

PrivacyOS is a professional tool, designed and developed by the collaboration between Legal and ICT professionals who are Cyber Data Protection experts and who collaborate with the Legal and ICT areas of the company, supporting it in all the project phases and in future implementations, guaranteeing adherence to Corporate Governance and to the Compliance imposed by the Regulation (with a custom solution or relying on CRM instead you remain alone with your responsibility, both during the initial design and in future implementations).

Mature, well-established and extensively tested software

PrivacyOS is a mature, well-established and largely proven tool in all its functionalities and has been officially online and used continuously and fully since January 2018 (the historicity of a custom tool or a custom CRM starts from when you put it online, with all the bugs still to be discovered and fixed and the processes to be certified).

So what is PrivacyOS

Find out why PrivacyOS is the most innovative Consent Manager on the market

Why keep the criticality of Consent management in-house
when it is better to outsource it to PrivacyOS?